Welcome to Zoku Handicrafts, a grassroots brand instilled with art, culture and individuality.┬áIn the farthest corners of the earth, the quality of local artistry outshines the mainstream. The remoteness of the source however leaves these native crafts widely undiscovered. To bridge the gap, Zoku was founded in the spring of 2012 to provide a platform for indigenous artisans across the globe to showcase their work. Our company’s commitment to these artists creates a progressive collaboration of cultures worlds apart.

As Zoku continues to broaden its collection of handmade accessories, we continue to discover unique art, rituals and traditions from the communities and people we visit. In an effort to promote the arts and traditions we discover along our way, we will be hosting the fascinating work by the people and places we have come across. Join us as we work to spread creativity and authentic textiles!

Meet Saasaan Nabavi

Hi! I am Saasaan, a culture enthusiast and the founder of Zoku Handicrafts. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working and traveling extensively throughout indigenous communities in southern Mexico. The time I have spent amongst these communities, has led me to develop a strong connection and appreciation for authenticity, rich traditions and humble, hard working people. Through the photos, stories and handicrafts I share under Zoku Handicrafts, I hope that you will also have a chance to connect to the inspiring lives and places that I have come across.




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