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Jun 5 2014

Hike: “El Picacho” Oaxaca, Mexico

By Saasaan Nabavi - Founder of Zoku Handicrafts Date June 4th 2014     Introduction: The Valley of Oaxaca is one of rich history and breathtaking views. From the top of “El Picacho” you can look upon a valley that has been home to many people, from the earliest Indian forgers forming around 8000 BC to the evolution [...]

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May 30 2014

Visit: The Petrified Waterfall of Salina Blanca, Oaxaca, Mexico

By Saasaan Nabavi - Founder of Zoku Handicrafts Date May 30th 2014   POINTS of INTEREST Distance: 113Km / 70 Miles from Oaxaca City Time: Roughly 2 hours Highway:  Federal Highway 190 Cost of Transportation: It varies. Depending on if you take colectivo or bus. We took a colectivo taxi for $350 peso, split 4 ways it became 90 [...]

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May 6 2013
Hierve el Agua - 1

World Wonder: Hierve el Agua

World Wonder: Hierve el Agua By Saasaan Nabavi Few things are more relaxing and breathtaking than swimming in a natural pool atop of a beautiful mountain range! The natural hot springs of Hierve el Agua make a perfect day trip if you are staying in Oaxaca City. Along with the natural swimming pools at this [...]

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Oct 31 2012
Casa de Catalina Front Entrance

Featured Hostel: Casa de Catalina

Nestled 8,400 feet above sea level, high in the Sierra Madre del Sur is a hostel unlike any other. Casa de Catalina is a hidden gem camouflaged by its location. You must first find the small mountain town of San Jose del Pacifico. Famous for its rolling mountains, remoteness and enchanted plant life, this is [...]

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