Oct 31 2012

Featured Hostel: Casa de Catalina

Casa de Catalina Front Entrance

Nestled 8,400 feet above sea level, high in the Sierra Madre del Sur is a hostel unlike any other. Casa de Catalina is a hidden gem camouflaged by its location. You must first find the small mountain town of San Jose del Pacifico. Famous for its rolling mountains, remoteness and enchanted plant life, this is an experience best lived first hand. San Jose del Pacifico is often traveled to by bus and is a 3 hour journey from both Oaxaca City and the coast. Even to those with knowledge of the area, this hostel’s location can only be found through help from the locals. You won’t find a receptionist, internet, or a hot shower here, just a pure traveling experience with some of nature’s most beautiful sights.

Featured Hostel: Casa de Catalina by Saasaan

Colectivo Pleymobil

Map of San Jose del Pacifico

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