Jun 5 2014

Hike: “El Picacho” Oaxaca, Mexico


By Saasaan Nabavi - Founder of Zoku Handicrafts

Date June 4th 2014




The Valley of Oaxaca is one of rich history and breathtaking views. From the top of “El Picacho” you can look upon a valley that has been home to many people, from the earliest Indian forgers forming around 8000 BC to the evolution of the Zapotec Civilization in 1200BC.


A view of Teotitlan del Valle. “El Picacho” is the first peak on the left



Interesting Facts:

  • During the Archaic period in the Americas (8000 BC-2000 BC) small bands of forgers lived in the Valley of Oaxaca.
  • By 1200 BC the evolution of the Zapotec Civilization began to take place in the Valley of Oaxaca.
  • Teotitlan del Valle, location of “El Picacho” was founded/settled in 1465 by the Zapotecs
  • Teotitlan del Valle, is one of the worlds most renowned textile producing communities. Textiles here are still made by hand and colors are still created by way of natural ingredients.


About a 5 minute ride from Teotitlan to the trail head





The Trail Guide


Points of Interest:

  • Location of El Picacho: Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca,  Mexico
  • Distance: From Oaxaca City 31 km / 19 miles
  • Elevation: Teotitlan del Valle is (5, 500 ft) putting the peak at roughly (6, 000 ft)
  • Time of Hike: Roughly 3 hours round trip
  • Experience Level: No Experience necessary
  • Cost for Bilingual (Spanish/English) Guide: $275 Peso per person / $350 Peso if alone.
  • Cost of Bed in Breakfast in Teotitlan del Valle $150 per night, per person.
  • Recommendations: It’s best to start the hike at 6AM to catch the sunrise over the valley. However, you may schedule anytime of the day you like.


Contact: Saasaan@zokuhandicrafts.com to set up a hike or for more information.



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