May 6 2013

World Wonder: Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua - 1

World Wonder: Hierve el Agua

By Saasaan Nabavi

Few things are more relaxing and breathtaking than swimming in a natural pool atop of a beautiful mountain range! The natural hot springs of Hierve el Agua make a perfect day trip if you are staying in Oaxaca City. Along with the natural swimming pools at this 2500 year old site, are a number of active geysers and petrified waterfalls.

You have two options to get here. You can either pay for a guided tour, which would be the least complicated option or you can do what our team did and go with a group of people you may have just met at your hostel or in town!

If you don’t want to be constrained to a tour and choose to go in your own group.

Here are your directions:

  • You will need to locate a colectivo taxi, these taxis only run from the edge of Oaxaca City, they can not be caught within the city. Colectivo taxis make it easier and cheaper to visit places outside of Oaxaca City. Normally when riding a colectivo you would ride with strangers and pay your share, but in this case if you should get a personal colectivo per four of you. (colectivos are painted red and white )
  • The location I recommend to catch a colectivo to Hierve el Agua is across the street from the baseball stadium Estadio Eduardo Vasconcelos. I have marked with a blue pin the corner where the colectivos wait.

    • The cost is roughly 25 pesos per person to get to Mitla via colectivo and the drive takes about 1 hour.
    • Once in Mitla, ask the taxi driver to drop you off where the colectivo trucks are. These trucks can hold about 12 passengers and will get you up the dirt hill to Hierve el Agua. The ride takes about 40 minutes to get to the springs and they charge about 35 peso per person each way.
    • Entrance fee to Hierve el Agua is $20 pesos


Half way up the dirt road with our colectivo truck, we got out to take some pictures

Hierve el Agua


  • Total cost to do this trip with your own group, roughly 140 pesos or $12US



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